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In Brisane, car dealers value cars based on market trends, condition, mileage, history, and industry guides like Kelley Blue Book. They consider the car’s demand, potential sales speed, and their investment in it to set a competitive yet profitable price.

Why Do Cars Have Value In Brisbane?

We all want the highest price when selling our cars. However, not everyone knows how much their car is worth.

Our years of experience in the car trade enable us to share some tips on what dealers and buyers look for when valuing cars.

There will be some actionable takeaways here that can help you squeeze a little more life out of your old car, even if it’s too late for you on some of the points discussed here (assuming you’re reading this at the time you want to sell).

Your new car will be well taken care of before you sell it. Any points you cannot use right now, you’ll know for next time.

During the valuation process, the buyer wants to determine two things: the condition of the car (which can cover a wide range of topics) and how the car is displayed. These two points are everything a buyer wants, even though they are very broad when explored further.

We’ll explore these a bit deeper below and give you some advice on what to do now if you’re planning on selling. We’ll also give you advice on what you can do from the day you get your car to ensure it retains the highest possible value.

You can sell your vehicle to us for cash as soon as you’re ready to sell.

Putting car value into perspective

 Distance Traveled In Kilometers

When valuing a car, this will be the first thing most buyers look at.

As well as letting them know whether certain maintenance jobs should have been completed – e.g. the infamous timing belt – it also gives them a good initial impression of what to expect.

The obvious conclusion is that a car with fewer miles on the clock is more valuable. However, there are many other factors to consider before valuing a car, and kilometers alone shouldn’t be the determining factor.

A Bodywork Session

Dents, scratches, missing panels, broken light clusters, scuffed wheels, etc. will all devalue your car. The car’s bodywork plays an important role in its value.

First impressions matter, even though under the scuffed body is the world’s most reliable and economical car.

New car buyers prefer to purchase a stylish, shiny, and updated car instead of a pre-beaten, tired-looking one whether they buy from a dealer or a second-hand seller.

A car with these dents also seems mistreated, which leads to the question, “What else is wrong with it?”

Large dents and deep scratches will damage your car’s resale value. However, smaller marks can often be removed easily and cheaply.

A skilled panel beater can easily get minor dents and bumps out of most panels. In addition, a cut-and-polish product can buff out small scuffs and scratches.

A resale price shouldn’t be greatly affected by these types of minor wear and tear on older vehicles, as they’re not obvious.

Newer vehicles are likely to feel dents more than older ones. However, remember that the next owner may want to remove these blemishes.

Damage From Hail

Our team at Cash For Cars Brisbane is unfortunately familiar with hail damage when valuing a car. As many of you will know, hail is extremely common in Brisbane, and it can cause some serious damage to cars – even totaling them in some cases!

The resale value of your car will be adversely affected by hail damage, although it is outside most people’s control. How much is determined by how severe and extensive the damage is.

The most effective way to prevent hail damage from affecting your car’s value is to insure your vehicle.

Make sure it is fully comprehensive and protected against hail damage. Hail damage can be extremely expensive to repair, but insurance companies will save your wallet in your time of need – that’s why you need it.

Tires and Wheels

It is particularly true for large wheels that the condition of your wheels and tires can affect your vehicle’s value.

Here’s A Scenario.

Upon pulling up to the dealership, the Porsche Cayenne SUV has a striking bodywork and an unmistakable face.

The black wheels on the Porsche have huge gashes in them and have lost all paint around the rim.

Since the tires have been hit so often against curbs, they are bald and split.

A replacement set of these gargantuan wheels can cost more than $2,000 – Michellins have to have enormous tires to fit these wheels (check out the rear wheels of a Porsche next time you go shopping), and they can also cost upwards of $2,000 to install.

This cost will be deducted from the value of the car if you are unwilling to replace them (or repair them in the case of the wheels).

We recommend you avoid hitting the curb at all costs. However, if it is too late and your wheels have already been scuffed, you might consider contacting a professional who can repair them.

In most cases, this won’t break the bank, and an experienced wheel guy will have them looking brand new in no time. It’s illegal to use bald tires.

Consider whether or not you’re willing to absorb the cost in the price you’ll get for the vehicle. Or, consider if you’re willing to pay for replacement tires.

Here Are The Key Points

Regular maintenance is the key to getting the most from your car throughout this article.

We’d be happy to recommend trusted mechanics to you if you need one – just give us a call. You can buy a car for the lowest price and sell it for a higher price.

Get in touch with us at 0475 386 701 so we can take a look over your vehicle and give you a quote! Now that you know how car buyers value cars, you can prepare your vehicle before you bring it in.