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When selling a hail-damaged car, disclose the damage honestly in listings, consider repairs if cost-effective, and adjust the price accordingly to attract buyers looking for discounted vehicles.

Selling a Hail Damaged Car In Australia

Over a decade ago, Brisbane was ravaged by a huge hailstorm that damaged tens of thousands of cars. The storm caused over a billion dollars in damages.

There was no warning of this storm, so many people didn’t have time to park their cars at home. The storm struck during the afternoon when most people were at work, causing irreparable damage.

At certain times of the year, hail is prevalent throughout Australia, and it can cause extensive damage if it strikes unexpectedly.

The hail and dents in the vehicles caused by the Brisbane storm caused many cars to be completely written off.

Vehicles Damaged by Hail For Sale

Many people lost their vehicles to hailstorms and lacked insurance. They ended up selling them for significantly less than they were worth.

A hail-damaged vehicle isn’t much of a seller’s market, so it won’t sell for much.

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Can you Describe What Hail Damage Looks Like on a Car?

There are several obvious characteristics of hail-damaged cars. They usually look like this – lots of tiny dents on top of the bodywork.

It seems that dozens of golf balls have hit directly at the glass in extreme cases. As shown below, the glass is cracked in multiple places.

It is very difficult to remove small dents, despite their size, and the body panels usually need to be replaced.

It is possible to fill a hole or beat out a chip in some cases, but in the example below, that would not have been possible.

When hail damages your vehicle, the entire car can be damaged – including the motor – and the damage may not be aesthetics alone.

You may be able to get your vehicle replaced if you have comprehensive automobile insurance, otherwise, they will cover the repair costs.

There are times, unfortunately, when replacing the entire vehicle is more cost-effective than paying for all the repairs.

Repairing Hail-Damaged cars

If your car has been hit by hail, the cost of repairing it will vary widely based on your insurance, your location, and the extent of the damage.

In determining this, it is always necessary to seek expert advice.

In some cases, particularly with older models, declaring the entire car a write-off might be more cost-effective than replacing it, though you should just avoid hailstorms whenever possible.

Keeping your Car Safe from Hail Damage

If a hailstorm is forecast for the day, you should keep your car garaged.

Alternatively, you can leave your car at a shopping center or another place with undercover parking if you don’t have one.

In case this fails, make sure your car is covered with several blankets and covers.

To prevent a windshield from breaking in a storm, you can put your floor mats up on the windshield or seek shelter quickly.

Be sure your insurance covers hail damage in case the worst happens.

A Car with Hail Damage For Sale

If your car has been damaged by hail, you can still sell it but expect much less than if it had not been damaged.

Despite being deemed a total loss by the insurance company, you can still sell the car.

Be prepared if you want to avoid hail damage to your car. Hail storms damage one billion cars worldwide every year, so you should keep that in mind!

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