The website is managed by ‘Get Cash for Carz’, having all the rights to use it for its creation fairly. We hereby take complete responsibility for safeguarding all the data collected and maintaining user privacy. We have exclusive rights to withdraw or add any information to this privacy policy at our discretion. 

Use of Personal Data 

The data collected online, like name, email address, phone number, and vehicle information, for serving the following purposes: 

  • Responding to the queries generated
  • Respond about the order approval
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Observe the effectiveness of the website

The data collected is solely used for the purpose it has been asked for. No other benefit is being driven from it. 

Disclosure of Data 

We strictly abide by the policy of protecting personal information from being misused/mishandled. The data is best used for the purpose it is stated for. However, we are bound to disclose the information in certain circumstances if the law says so. If we evaluate that revealing the data would save criminal or any fraudulent activity, our company would do so.

Data Safety 

We have installed advanced technological security systems to protect the stored data. All the information provided by the customers is secured and integrated in the best way we can. 

No employee who has access to the data is allowed to reveal it to any other person, and in case of any such mishap, strict actions are taken by the company. 

Australian Privacy Law 

The laws laid down by the Australian Government related to cyber security are fully abided by our company. Our system has all the up-to-date information about any changes in the policies.